Aaton Penelope

Camera Technical Specs

Universal camera-body for 35mm 2-Perf.

2-Perf-native camera

22 dB noise level (±1 dB) in 2-Perf.

Weight: 8kg/16lbs with loaded 400′ mag and 1 battery.

3–40 frame/s, Synch & Variable speeds (0.001 increments)

Instant film-magazines, nine-minute autonomy at 24 frame/s in 35mm 2-Perf.

Built to withstand extreme climates. (−10 °C to +40 °C)

Extremely bright optical viewfinder with generous peripheral coverage

Twin battery power supply: one for lightweight handheld shots; add the other for multi-accessory use.

Kit Includes

Aaton Penelope 2-Perf 35mm Film Camera

Aaton Penelope 2-Perf Ground Glass: 2.35, 1.85, & 1.78

Aaton Penelope Viewfinder

Aaton Penelope P+S Technik Eyepiece

Aaton Penelope Heated Eye Cup w/ Cable

Aaton Penelope 400′ Magazine (3)

Aaton Penelope Loop Adjuster

Set of 15mm Rods: 12″

Aaton Penelope 14.8V Battery Pack (3)

Aaton Penelope Battery Pack Charge w/ IEC Cable

Aaton Penelope 4-Pin XLR P-Tap Power (2)

Aaton Penelope Travel Case (2)


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