Aaton XTR Prod

Super 16 only (12.42 x 7.44mm)

1.78:1 Scan = 11.76 x 6.61mm
1.85:1 Full = 12.42 x 6.7mm
2.35:1 Full = 12.42 x 5.27mm

HD / 2K

3 – 75 fps

multi position – 180°, 172.8°, 150° and 144°

50 – 500 ASA

14 Stops

10 bit log
16 bit log
16 bit linear

16mm reversal or negative film

Aaton XTR PROD Camera Body
Aaton XTR Prod Ground Glass
Aaton XTR Extension Viewfinder
Short Viewfinder for the Aaton XTR
Aaton XTR 400’ Coaxial Magazine
Integrated VSA Video Assist for Aaton XTR Prod
Aaton Hand Grip w/ 2-Sided Coupler
Heated Eye Cup Cable for the Aaton XTR
12v P-Tap Accessory Adapter for the Aaton XTR
Hand Grip Run/Stop Cable for the Aaton XTR
(4) Anton Bauer Dionic XT 150GM
Anton Bauer LP4 Quad Charger w/ AC Cable
Anton Bauer Gold Mount Battery Belt (SO-14/28R)
(2) 4 Pin XLR
Custom Hard Case for Aaton XTR PROD Camera


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