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Operating Our Trucks

How do I operate the lift gate?

There is a master on/off switch for the lift gate located on the outer side of the driver’s seat. This switch must be turned on to operate the lift. Please be sure to turn off the lift after use, particularly when parked, as it may drain the battery. The up/down controls are a small switch about eye level on the right side of the lift. Raise the lift to clear the cradle slots, than pull the top of the lift down to reach horizontal operating position. When finished, be sure the lift is again secured in the cradle slots. Keep the engine running while using the lift or you will drain the battery.

What do I do if the truck is damaged?

Please inform us of any damage done to the truck as soon as it occurs. We will be able to give you an estimate for the damage as soon as possible.

What else should I know?

A large box truck like the ours cannot make sharp turns. Please make your turns wide to give enough clearance on the inside so as not to clip another vehicle or object with the box. The design of the trucks are with the cab forward, with the front wheels located under the cab. This gives the truck a good turning radius, so be sure to make turns wide enough. Don’t speed when making turns or accessing a ramp with steep curves. A large truck can overturn more easily. Be very aware of pedestrian crossings, and don’t drive in snow unless you are experienced with this kind of condition.

Your Gear Wishlist

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