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Rental Documents & Info


Hand Held Films is open from 9am to 6pm Monday through Friday. If a production is in need of outside normal hours services such as a pick up or drop off, it must be arranged with the rental office beforehand. Please be aware that a service or opening fee may apply.

We also provide after hours or weekend emergency assistance as a courtesy to our clients, both for G&E and Camera orders.The emergency numbers are to be used only in case of serious on-set emergency resulting from defective gear. Any other inquiry for outside business hour services has to go through the rental office first and may incur a fee. To access the emergency numbers, simply dial our regular number 212-502 09 00 and you will be given all relevant information.


In order to process a rental order, Hand Held Films requires the following forms to be fully filled out and submitted:

Your Gear Wishlist

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