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Truck Traffic Violations

What traffic restrictions should I know?

Commercial trucks are often subject to different traffic restrictions than passenger cars. Trucks are not allowed on the Brooklyn or Williamsburg bridges or the FDR drive. Trucks are not allowed on any Parkways, or certain streets. Always pay close attention to posted regulations regarding trucks. You are required to pay all tickets that you receive while driving our vehicule.

What about parking?

In many municipalities, including NYC, you may not park a commercial vehicle on the street in the same location for more than 4 hours without a permit. This ticket will read No Standing or No Parking. Always pay attention to local laws governing commercial parking. We can arrange for you to park the truck at our lot for a discounted rate, please contact us first to make this arrangement.

Why did we get a ticket for covering the address?

New York State law requires that all commercial vehicles show the name and address of the registrant. If you use the truck as a prop, be sure to uncover the address after the shoot.

I got a ticket, but I want to dispute…

You are responsible for paying all tickets that are incurred while the truck is in your possession. If you wish to dispute a ticket, it must be initially paid to us in a timely fashion. If you are successful in disputing the charge, we will then refund the ticket. If we receive a notice of unpaid ticket for the period when the truck was in your possession, we will pay it and charge your credit card. The Mayor’s office for Film, Theatre, and Broadcast may assist you in disputing a ticket if you obtained a permit from them. In all cases, you are solely responsible for disputing your ticket; we cannot help you, even if you are out of town.

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