Suited for a wide range of applications in just one product, the robust but lightweight LMB 4×5 allows for an unprecedented level of flexibility. From a single-filter configuration for gimbals, drones, or Steadicams to clamp-on versions up to rod-mounted solutions, the LMB 4×5 makes short work of challenging situations.

The Swing Away Tilt Module offers a comfortable swing-away function (with extension) for easier lens changes, as well as an integrated tilt module with 10° up and down adjustments for avoiding unwanted reflections. The LMB 4×5 also features versatile filter stage options, securing loops, and a tray catcher for maximum safety on set. The LMB 4×5 is compatible with 4×5.65 filter.


The ARRI LMB-25 3-Stage Lightweight Matte Box is a robust three-stage 4” x 5.65” clamp-on matte box suited to a wide range of applications, including handheld, crane work and Steadicam. The LMB-25 expands the feature set and creative possibilities of the LMB-15.

The LMB-25 can adapt to various lens diameters via a series of interchangeable clamp adapters. The 134mm clamp adapter will fit the larger ARRI / FUJINON Alura Zooms without limiting the amount of light passing through the lens. Other sizes include 143mm, 136mm, 130mm, 125mm, 114mm, 110mm, 104mm, 95mm, 87mm and 80mm.


The LMB-15 is compatible with LMB-5 filter trays, clamp adapter backs and carbon fibre light shields. The Arri LMB-15 accepts ENG lenses as wide as 3.9mm and has a quick-release removable sunshade for close-up applications and it’s compatible with lens fronts ranging from 80mm to 143mm.


The lightweight matte box LMB-5 is equipped with two push-through 4″ x 5.65″ filter frames as well as with attachments for a light shield. The matte box is attached directly to the front ring of the lens with a clamp adapter of appropriate diameter.

The slip-on carbon fiber light shield is lightweight and compact and can always stay in place. During breaks in shooting or when transporting a completely set-up camera, the light shield can be folded flat against the front of the matte box to protect the filters or the front element of the lens.


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