Arricam LT

Forward run: 1-48 fps
Reverse run: 1-32 fps

35mm Film

1.37:1 or 1.85:1

4-perf or 3-perf movement

180° to 0° electronically adjustable

54mm PL

5.25 kg/11.56 lbs (body with finder)


24V DC to 32V DC

Below 20 db(A)

Arricam Lite Camera Kit (4-perf or 3-perf)
(3) Arricam Lite 400’ Steadicam Magazine
(2) Custom Hard Case for Arricam Lite 400′ Steadicam Magazine (2-Slot)
Arricam Lite Integrated Color CCD / IVS
Arricam Lite Heated Eyepiece
Arricam Lite Viewfinder
Arricam Lite Medium Extension Viewfinder
Arricam ST Anamorphic Extension Viewfinder
Arricam Lite Top Handle
Arricam Lite Shoulder Brace II w/ Pad
Arricam Lite Ground Glass
Arricam Lite Power Bridge Plate
Camera Dovetail Plate: 12″
Set of 19mm Rods
Arricam Studio Video Top
Arricam ST Magazine Adapter (for LT camera)
(2) Arricam Lite Heated Eyepiece Power Cable
(2) Alexa 24V Power Cable (3-pin XLR to 2-Pin Fischer)
(2) 3-Pin to 3-Pin XLR Extension 10′
Elpac FWA1500 Alexa Power Supply 24V w/ AC Cable
Arricam LT Gold Mount Battery Adapter
(2) Arricam LT Gold Mount 24V Power Cable
(4) Anton Bauer Dionic XT 150GM
Anton Bauer LP4 Quad Charger w/ AC Cable
Custom Hard Case for Arricam LT


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