ARRI’s SXU-1 Single Axis Unit is a wireless hand unit offering single-axis focus, iris, or zoom control. The compact SXU-1 features remote camera start/stop and tally, an ergonomic wooden handgrip, and a backlit, super-smooth control knob. This simple unit can be used in conjunction with the WCU-4 or with the SMC-1 single-motor controller (both available separately).

  • Arri SXU-1 Single Axis Unit w/ Strap
  • Rigger Grip for Arri SXU-1
  • Arri AMC-1 Active Motor Controller
  • Arri L-Bracket
  • Arri + Cmotion CForce Mini Motor Unit with Clamp Console & Bushing
  • (2) Arri LBus Motor Cable
  • (2) Arri AMC-1 P-Tap Power/RS Cable
  • (2) Follow Focus Marking Disc
  • (2) Sony NP-FM500H InfoLithium M Series Battery
  • Charger for Sony Lithium-ion Batteries