Microforce V+F3

The Micro Force V+F3 is the continuation of the original Micro Force lineup designed for for analog zoom motors. It features the same joystick and speed controls that have made the Micro Force the preferred zoom control on film sets worldwide. The speed adjustment knob is virtually indestructible and turns with glassy smoothness. Zoom speed is indicated with a bright red LED bargraph display.

The V+F3 can directly drive analog motors through a Y-cable, or digital motors through the Analog port of an MDR-3 or MDR-4. It can also drive the internal servos of Canon & Fujinon ENG style lenses through a straight cable. Want to go wireless? Simply attach the V+F3 to the Zoom port of an HU4 or plug it into a Radio Micro Force module to control the MDR’s Zoom motor.

Our Kit:

  • V+F3 Preston Microforce Zoom Control
  • Oppenheimer Microforce Panhandle
  • Oppenheimer Microforce Pan Arm
  • Heden Zoom Motor M26T
  • Preston 19mm Swing Arm w/ 15mm Bushing
  • (2) Y-Power Cable for Microforce/Heden Motor