Sony Rialto

The Sony Camera Extension System for VENICE provides outstanding mobility and greater freedom for creating exceptional imagery with Sony’s VENICE Motion Picture Camera, and will enhance its usability and flexibility. The lightweight and easy-to-use tethered extension system allows the camera body to detach from the image sensor block with no degradation in image quality. The image sensor block weighs 4 lb (1.8 kg) with a PL lens mount and 3 lb (1.36 kg) with the native Sony E-mount. The cable system can extend from 9′ to 18′ (with an included extension cable), offering a highly configurable, flexible, and portable operation form factor.

As shooting environments and requirements become more advanced and demanding, VENICE users can expect the same image quality and integrity when using the robust Extension System. This enables VENICE to become highly mobile and discreet for many mounting configurations and filming scenarios, including use with gimbals, handheld stabilizers, underwater & helicopter housings, 3D/VR rigs, and tight or unconventional spaces (such as inside vehicles, on cranes or Russian arms). Developed for filmmakers by filmmakers seeking a small, ergonomic footprint and agile form factor, the Extension System offers takes full advantage of VENICE’s features, including an integrated, mechanical, 8-step Optical ND filter system and Dual Base ISO (ISO 500/2500).

Our Kit:

  • Sony Rialto Extension System For Sony Venice Kit
  • Sony Rialto Front Panel Cover
  • Sony Rialto Image Sensor Block Case w/ 9′ Cable
  • Sony Rialto 9′ Extension Cable
  • Wooden Camera Top Plate for Sony Rialto Extension
  • Wooden Camera Sony Rialto D-Box Power Strip
  • Wooden Camera Sony Rialto D-Box Link Y-Cable
  • Sony Venice to Rialto 24V Cable