The Light Bridge CRLS C-Drive Kit

The Light Bridge CRLS (Cine Reflect Lighting System) was an original idea by Christian Berger 20 years ago in Austria. Christian is a world-famous DP who has spent the next 20 years developing the technology and his gaffer Jakob Ballinger with the company The Light Bridge has made it into an easy-to-use, versatile gear. The high-tech C-Reflectors (ranging from minimum to maximum diffusion) give you full control of your diffused light without using flags and accessories. A very simple and efficient way of creating light – with an unseen natural quality in light and shadow. Once you put it into action you will be amazed at how much easier it will be to help you create your own high-quality look.

The C-Drive Kit is a complete set of 4 Diffusions in 4 different sizes (7cm, 15cm, 25cm, and 50cm) in sleeves, all in a heavy-duty flight case with a pull-up handle and 2 wheels for easy transport and complete protection. The kit comes complete with 3 Cordura black canvas speedbags of each size, a plastic spray can for cleaning, a cleaning cloth, and gloves for handling the reflectors without any fingerprints, along with safety chains and C-Wheels.