Chimera LED Lightbank

When it comes to LED lights, the only thing better than a Litepanels 1 x 1′  is one with a Chimera LED Lightbank on it. This light bank adds an extra degree of smooth, soft light to the panel’s output. It has a removable front face and comes with a speed ring with a 5/8″ (16 mm) receiver.

Chimera LED Lightbanks Include:

LED Lightbank body
LED Speed Ring
LED revolutionary front screen
LED screens: 5°, 30° and 3 x 30°

Technical Specs:

Dimensions: 14.5″ x 13.5″
Depth: 7″
Weight: 2.5lb

Our rental kit includes the following:

  • Chimera LED Lightbank Body w/ Rods
  • Chimera LED Speed Ring
  • Chimera LED Front Screen
  • Chimera LED 5° Light Diffusion Lens Screen
  • Chimera LED 30° Standard Lens Screen
  • Chimera LED 3 x 30° Wide Coverage Lens Screen
  • Chimera Bag