Chimera OctaPlus 57 Hi Heat

Chimera’s unique OctaPlus Lightbank design delivers big, bold, beautiful light. Everyone loves using Chimera’s OctaPlus Lightbanks—especially the patented OctaPlus 57! It’s an amazing 7 ft. octagonally-shaped Lightbank that converts to a 5 ft. version. It’s like getting two Lightbanks in one!

This Chimera OctaPlus 57 Hi-Heat Kit includes the OctaPlus 57 Hi-Heat expandable (from 5′ to 7′) light bank, constructed with heat-resistant material, making it possible to use a 3200W hot light, as opposed to a 1200W light in the standard OctaPlus.

This light bank requires an OctaPlus speed ring to adapt it to your particular strobe or hot light: Triolet Kit, OctaPlus Speedring for Joker Bug, or Multi Bug Adapter for Multiple Joker Units.
Hi-Heat OctaPlus can safely hold up to a 3200W fixture, as compared to a 1200W fixture for the standard OctaPlus.
Soft silver interior with an innovative graduated baffle for a very even light spread.
Fall off from the center of the 7′ front screens (for example) to the edge has been measured at only a 0.2 F-stop.

Technical Specs:

Diameter: 84″
Depth: 27″
Maximum Rating: 3,200W

Our rental kit includes the following:

  • OctaPlus 57 Hi Heat Chimera
  • 8 x Rods
  • Baffle (5′)
  • Front Screen (7′)
  • Chimera Bag