Digital Sputnik DS3 LED Kit

The Digital Sputnik DS3 Wireless LED Kit contains 3 individual Digital Sputnik Light Modules. It features the same color technology as post-production monitors, with each light module being factory calibrated with a profile saved into it. Each light maintains its constant color coordinates are kept through its dimming range with precision LUTs. All channels are flicker-free current controlled to allow dimming the light with an exact mixture of white balance and tint. It provides the highest quality RGB mixing, similar to tools used by professional colorists.

The modular design of the Digital Sputnik line of products allows for the connection of light modules and accessories to shape the fixture however you need. The modules use a mix of passive and active cooling to minimize fluctuations of output and color due to heat.

Technical Specs

  • Module Type: RGBW led
  • Beam angle: 20 degrees
  • Remote control options: Wifi, DMX
  • Input power: 90-260VAC (Worldwide)
  • Maximum PSU modules in a single stack: 6
  • Maximum power draw per PSU: 420 watts
  • Maximum LED modules per PSU: 3
  • Maximum power draw per led module: 140 watts
  • Ambient temperature range: 0ºF ~ 115ºF / -20ºC ~ 45ºC
  • Cables from PSU to LED module: 10m/30ft
  • Dimensions of a single light module: 116x116mm / 4x4in square, 1.3kg/2.8lb

Our Kit Includes

  • 3 x Digital Sputnik Light Module RGBW
  • Digital Sputnik DS3 Power Supply
  • Digital Sputnik IEC Power Cable
  • Digital Sputnik DS Light Module Cable 10m
  • 3 x Digital Sputnik Stand Mount
  • 3 x Digital Sputnik Eccentric Lock
  • 12 x Digital Sputnik Diffuser Box Side (1)
  • 4 x Digital Sputnik Diffuser Box Corner Profile
  • 6 x Digital Sputnik Barndoor Large
  • 6 x Digital Sputnik Barndoor Small
  • 3 x Digital Sputnik Diffuser Lens 34 / 76 (with Pouch)
  • Digital Sputnik Diffuser Lens for 2 Modules (with Pouch)
  • Digital Sputnik Diffuser Lens for 3 Modules (with Pouch)
  • Digital Sputnik Dual Module Adapter
  • Digital Sputnik DMX Handle for Power Supply
  • Digital Sputnik ArtNet Handle for Power Supply
  • Digital Sputnik Wireless Threaded Antenna RP-SMA Male
  • 12 x Digital Sputnik Lense Clip
  • Digital Sputnik 3+ Case