K5600 Joker 800 HMI Par Kit

Because of the increasing use of Chimera® Lightbanks for fine daylight interiors, two camera interviews, TV magazines, and documentaries, the Joker Bug 800 was designed to take full advantage of the large reflective material inside a Lightbank.  The Joker Bug 800 fits in one tiny airline case, weighing only 38 lbs. The next wattage up (1200) is twice the size and weight. The actual size of the kit is exactly the same as a Joker Bug 400 Kit. When working in practical locations such as homes, offices, or businesses, power consumption is a key factor. The Joker Bug 800 will produce as much output as a 4,000 Watt quartz fixture with a power draw of only 11 Amps, minimizing the risk of overloading a circuit. The next size up (1200) monopolizes an entire circuit, whereas the Joker Bug 800 will allow for another source, such as a Joker Bug 400, on the same circuit!

The Joker Bug 800 puts out 50% more light than the 1200 in a Chimera®, it is smaller than its nearest lower wattage (575). And fits in the same case as a Joker Bug 400. The Joker Bug 800 only draws 11 Amps allowing for a 400W to be used on the same circuit.

Technical Specs:

  • LAMP HOUSING: Aluminum casting, high-temperature black. The striker compartment is made of aluminum in a light gray finish.
  • LAMP SOCKET: G22, highly insulated for hot restrike.
  • SAFETY GLASS BEAKER: Borosilicate tempered.
  • YOKE: Aluminum casting black high-temperature finish. Large T-handle and large brake area for use with Lightbanks, Speed Rings, Louvers, and Lanterns.
  • BEAMER HOUSING: Solid one-piece machined aluminum with replaceable ears. Black anodized.
  • BEAMER REFLECTOR: 7″ diameter specular parabolic, aluminum 90 percent reflectance electrolytically coated.
  • ACCESSORY SIZE: 7 3/4″
  • MOUNTING / GRIP EQUIPMENT: All standard 5/8″ baby hardware
  • LAMP: 800 Watt MSR/SE daylight single-ended discharge. Special UV-Stop envelope. 600 hours maximum life
  • CONNECTORS: Veam quarter-turn quick locking
  • EXTENSION CABLE: 25-foot shielded. Common to 200/400 and 800 (nine feet attached to the head)
  • POWER SUPPLY: Electronic, square wave flicker free. AC input: 90V to 132V or by sliding selector switch: 180-265V, 50 or 60Hz. On/Off push button switch. Completely silent (convection cooled).

Our rental kit includes the following:

  • Joker Bug 800 Head w/ Removable Beamer
  • Joker Bug 800 AC Ballast
  • Joker Bug 800 Head Cable 25’
  • Joker Bug 800 Clear Beaker
  • Joker Bug 800 Frosted Beaker
  • Joker Bug 800 Drop-In Lens Kit (Frosted Fresnel, Medium, Wide, Super-Wide)
  • Joker Bug 800 Scrim Set (2x Double, 1x Single)
  • Joker Bug 800 Barndoors
  • 800w HMI Single Ended Globe(2x)
  • Joker Bug 800 Carrying Case