KinoFlo Image 85 DMX Kit

The Image 85 DMX fixture’s large soft light coverage and its small energy footprint, combined with the ease of rigging compared to tungsten lighting sources, makes it the darling of motion picture and television visual effects designers. The Image line of soft lights is a very popular Kino Flo studio option for film, TV broadcast, video, and photo set lighting—especially the Image 85 fixture series. The Image 85 fixture produces a soft, shadowless display of daylight or tungsten-quality light that can be controlled without dramatic shifts in color. It’s similar to the Flathead 80 (4′ x 8 bank) but with built-in ballast with controls on the back of the light or via a DMX board.

Technical Specs:

54 x 28 x 6.5”

Weight w/Lamps:
38 lbs

Lamp Type:
F75 / T12

Input Voltage:
120VAC 50/60 Hz

Output Frequency:


Case Specs:
56.5 x 8 x 35” @ 65lbs (no wheels)

Our rental kit includes the following:

  • KinoFlo Image 85 DMX (built-in ballast) Fixture with Reflector, Gel Frame & Louver
  • KinoFlo Image 85 Yoke Mount with Junior Pin
  • 10 x KinoFlo 4′ Daylight Lamps (5500°K)
  • 10 x KinoFlo 4′ Tungsten Lamps (3200°K)
  • KinoFlo Image 85 Ship Case