LEX FD1-12K DMX Portable Dimmer

This Advanced digital dimmer can be placed next to lamps, eliminating the need for extra power cables. Levels can be controlled remotely or at the dimmer. The Lex Electrol 12K 12000W Stand Alone DMX Single Channel Dimmer features selectable pre-heat levels to prolong the life of your expensive tungsten halogen lamps and is compatible with control consoles sending a USITT DMX512-A signal. Designed to meet the requirements of gaffers on location, these dimmers are strong, lightweight, and easy to carry; controls and connectors are recessed for protection. If the DMX512 signal is lost, the dimmer will hold the last level received, so the lighting stays on even if someone trips over a control cable. Single Channel 12,000 watt, 120 volts, portable dimmer/relay

  • Description: Single Channel 12,000 watt, 120 volts, portable dimmer/relay
  • Input Voltage Range: 95-130 Vac
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Input/Output Connectors: 100A Stage Pin 2P3W 120 VAC
  • Minimum Load: 50 W
  • Maximum Load: 12 kW
  • Overcurrent Protection: 1 Pole, 100A Magnetic Circuit Breaker
  • Cooling: Passive
  • Weight: 32 pounds (14.5 kg)
  • Dimensions (including protective top & bottom): 16” W x 8 3/4” D x 14” H