Ruby Light Boa 60

The Ruby Light Boa 60 is a flexible, magnetic, and calibrated LED light measuring 2′ (60cm), able to be manipulated into different shapes to accommodate compact/awkward lighting scenarios. It has a CRI of 95 with a rendering of 97% in the reds and is adjustable in intensity and colorimetry from 2500K to 5750K (flicker free). It’s incredibly light and easy to carry, fitting all of its accessories into a backpack carrying case. Additionally, they can be mounted in a series – up to 8 2′ Boas can be run from a single power supply (AC or battery power). The kit also includes a number of diffusions and blackout covers.

It can be rigged with a number of methods, including:

  • Magnets (ideal for car scenes, natural or industrial settings, a Boa can even fit on plasterboard partitions)
  • Velcro (the back is made up of tiny, soft loops that will hook onto any male scratch-type surface; an adjustable velcro mounting arm is also provided)
  • Rings (3 rings located at each end allow you to pass through slings or bungee cords)
  • Loops (loops on the back allow you to slip into an extension arm for a standard rig)

Our Kit Includes:

    • Boa 60 LED Fixture
    • Boa DMX Dimmer
    • Boa 60 Power Supply Unit
    • Boa Head Cable
    • IEC Power Cable
    • Boa 60 Full Diffusion Tube
    • Boa 60 Light Diffusion Tube
    • Boa 60 Quarter Grid Diffusion
    • Boa 60 Magnetic Blackout
    • Boa 60 Bobbinette Cover
    • 2x Boa Velcro Hanging Attachment
    • Boa 60 Magnetic Mounting Strip
    • Boa 60 Flexible Velcro Mounting Arm
    • Boa Gold Mount Battery Adapter
    • Boa 60 Backpack Carrying Bag