Joker 800 Bug-A-Beam Adapter

TheĀ BUG-A-BEAM Adaptor is the part that makes the mating of a Source-4 and our Bug-Light 400 or 800 not only possible but quick and easy. The 400 (or 800) MSR/HMI lamp offers many advantages in this particular application, its 6 mm arc gap is punctual enough and very well suited for such an optical design. The 4 to 1 efficiency ratio of HMI versus Tungsten incandescent explains the two full stops gain.

This huge increase in light level allows patterns to be visible in higher ambient light levels, longer distances as well as through the deepest color gels.

Our rental kit includes:
  • K5600 Joker 800 Bug-A-Beam adapter for Source Four Lekolite
  • Small Scrim Bag
  • Iris for Leko
  • Source 4 Leko Gel Frame
  • Gobo Holder for Source Four Leko
  • Pin Extenders for Joker 800 Bug-A-Beam with Allen Key and Teflon Pin Sleeve
  • Mini Pelican Case for Joker 800 Bug-A-Beam