Mini Mombo Combo Stand

**Mombo Combo Wheel Set separate**

The Matthews Mini Mombo Overhead Light Stand is (surprise!) a lighter, slightly shorter version of the Matthews Mombo light stand–if you want a stand that will support more than 80 lbs and reaches over 17′, this is the one. The “Rocky Mountain leg” offsets uneven terrain to provide sturdy support under less-than-ideal circumstances. It’s perfect for large flags and butterflies, or heavy lighting fixtures.

Closed Length: 66.5″ (169cm)
Loading Height: 64″ (162cm)
Maximum Height: 17’4″ (529cm)
Weight Capacity: 88lbs (40kg)
Weight: 34lbs (15.5kg)
Footprint: 75″ (110cm)
Folded Base: 6″ (152mm)