K5600 Joker 200W HMI Par Kit

The output of the Joker-Bug 200 can be compared to a 750/1000 Watt quartz fixture, but with a power draw of only 3 Amps. It has become a standard for small interiors, interviews, documentaries, and car shots. The system will travel and operate in 110 and 240 Volt environments as well as 28.8 (2 x 14.4 camera batteries) and 30 Volt. The Par type design was preferred for its spot-to-flood ration (80 to 1), compactness (no focusing), ease of use, and efficiency through diffusing material. The popular set of four lenses (3 x Par 36 and a Frosted Fresnel) and barn doors will help to control the beam patterns from 5 degrees to 65 degrees. The “Bug-Lite” configuration is designed to fill a Lantern or any size Chimera Lightbank evenly, making it the perfect light for interviews. Its lightweight allows it to hang safely at the end of a boom arm.



Technical Specs:

Lamp Housing: Aluminum casting, high-temperature black epoxy
Beamer Housing: Solid one-piece machined aluminum with replaceable ears
Clear anodized
Safety Glass Beaker: Borosilicate UV filter tempered
Yoke: 5/8″ 750 / baby size receptacle, aluminum casting black epoxy finish. Large brake area for the use of front-end light banks, speed rings, louvers, and lanterns
Lamp: MSR 200 HR, 5600 Kelvin, 200 Hours Life
Power Supply: Electronic, square wave flicker free
AC Input: 90-265 Volt 50 or 60 Hz
DC Input: 30 Volt or 14.4 Volt
Dual function ON/OFF push button switch and completely silent (convection cooled)
Connectors: Veam quarter-turn quick locking.
Extension Cable: 25ft and 9ft attached to the head
Reflector: 3 3/4 diameter specular parabolic. Aluminum 90% reflectance electrolytically coated
Accessory Size: 5″
Weight of Head: 3.5 lbs (1.59 kg)


Kit Info:

  • Joker Bug 200 Head w/ Removable Beamer

  • Joker Bug 200 AC Ballast

  • Joker Bug 200 AC/DC Ballast – available for $50 extra

  • Joker Bug 200 25′ Head Cable

  • Joker Bug 200 Clear Beaker

  • Joker Bug 200 Frosted Beaker

  • Joker Bug 200 Drop-In Lens Kit: Frosted Fresnel, Medium, Wide & Super Wide

  • Joker Bug 200 Scrim Set: 1 x Single, 2 x Double

  • Joker Bug 200 Barndoors

  • 2 x MSR 200W Single-Ended HMI Bulb

  • Joker Bug 200 Carrying Case


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