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IRIS – our Internet Rental Information System

Hand Held Films offers clients the ability to access their accounts and invoices on-line. To view/access your invoices, click here to fill out an IRIS account application. Once an account has been approved and created, the portal can be accessed at

IRIS allows you to view your account balances, quotes, invoices, and individual items that have been purchased or rented from Hand Held Films; IRIS can also be used to confirm or request changes in order returns.

Using IRIS

After logging into IRIS, click “My Accounts” to pull up a list of all accounts your user has been assigned to.

Each account line displays payment terms, the current outstanding balance, and the total number of invoices.

Clicking on an account name brings you to a list of all quotes and invoices for the current and past calendar year.

To view a specific quote or invoice, click the line’s “Quote #”.

From the quote or invoice page, you can view a list of all items purchase or rented, financial information, contact information, and generate a printed invoice. If you wish to contact the rental office regarding the order, click “Contact Rentals” to open a new e-mail draft with some information about the order pre-populated.

Your Gear Wishlist

Items in your wishlist can be used to fill out quote requests, click here to go to the request form.