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5” Rainbow II Transvideo LCD

Categories: On-Board Monitors

the > 700-nit 5″ Rainbow II SuperBright On-Camera Monitor from Transvideo is a professional monitor which is ideal for body-rig, film, and high-end DV applications. It is a native 4:3 LCD monitor, but the aspect ratio can be switched to 16:9. The auto-reverse function (specifically designed for body-mount operators) automatically reverses the image when the monitor is turned upside down. 

The 5″ Rainbow II SuperBright has three composite video inputs, a straight video output, and a processed video output. If the monitor is set to 16:9, the processed video output will be 16:9. This processed signal can be fed to other monitors, recorders, or transmitters.Supports NTSC, PAL, and SECAM standardsSwitchable between 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratiosBlue checkAuto-reverse function flips the image when monitor is turned upside downBrightness, contrast, saturation, and (hue/tint in NTSC) adjustmentUser memories, lock function, full-scan & under-scanSharpness adjustments facilitate focus pulling