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Aaton XTR Prod

Categories: 16mm Film Cameras

The 16mm Aaton cameras are well known, and still widely in use, thanks to their ergonomics facilitating hand held work. Think of the famous “cat on the shoulder” line! Besides its compact size and low weight, the Aaton XTR PROD features a super sharp viewfinder, quiet and steady movement, the reliable AatonCode and the most visible nite-frame of all 16mm Screens. 

Our Kit

  • Aaton XTR PROD Camera body 
  • Aaton XTR Prod Ground Glass
  • Integrated VSA Video Assist 
  • Aaton XTR Prod Extension Viewfinder w/magnifying zoom built-in
  • Aaton XTR Heated Eyepiece
  • Aaton XTR D 400’ Magazine (4x) 
  • Oppenheimer Battery Adapter Aaton/NP 13
  • Idx NP-1DX 13.2V Batteries for Aaton
  • IDX JL2 Charger for 2 NP13 battery type

Kit Options