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Arri Amira Premium (4K UHD)

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We are proud to now carry Arri’s AMIRA, a versatile documentary-style camera that combines exceptional image quality and affordable CFast 2.0 workflows with an ergonomic design optimized for single-operator use and extended shoulder-mounted operation. Ready to pick up and shoot straight out of the camera bag, AMIRA is hardy enough to take anywhere and features in-camera grading with preloaded 3D LUTs, as well as 200 fps slow motion. It is suitable for a great variety of production types, from reportage and corporate films to TV drama and low-budget movies, so wherever you are headed and whatever you need to shoot, let AMIRA be your companion.

ALL OF OUR Amiras come with the 4K UHD License enabled. It allows ProRes codecs up to ProRes 4444 to be recorded in Ultra High Definition 3840 x 2160 resolution directly onto the in-camera CFast 2.0 cards, at up to 60 fps. Optional in-camera de-noising, sharpening and detailing tools permit the image to be optimized for specific applications or matched to different cameras and lenses.

We offer the Amira in two kit configurations—one for a 19mm rod set up, the other for 15mm rods.

Technical Specs

Image Quality

  • Same 35 mm sensor as ALEXA
  • HD 1080/2K; Log C/Rec 709
  • ProRes up to 4444 on CFast 2.0 cards
  • Dynamic range of 14+ stops
  • Natural colors and skin tones
  • Up to 200 fps – full sensor area


  • Quick start-up – ready to shoot
  • Optimized for the single operator
  • Sliding dovetails – perfect shoulder balance
  • Internal ND filters (0.6/1.2/2.1)
  • OLED eyepiece and fold-away LCD monitor
  • Multi-channel audio – easy-access controls

In-Camera Grading

  • Preloaded/custom-built 3D LUTs and looks
  • Adjustable looks – total color control on set
  • High creativity, low postproduction costs

Our Kit

  • Arri Amira Premium (4K UHD)
  • Arri Amira Viewfinder MVF-1 (built-in)
  • Arri Amira Top Handle & EVF Mounting Bracket
  • Arri Amira Mic Adapter Bracket (MHB-2)
  • Arri Amira Gold Mount Plate (built-in)
  • Arri Amira Low-Mode Cheeseplate (UAP-2)
  • Arri Amira Viewfinder Attachment Bracket (VAB-1)
  • Arri Amira 8GB USB SD Stick
  • 4 x 120GB CFast SanDisk Extreme Pro Card
  • Codex C-Fast 2.0 Card Reader (CDX-7515) w/ w/ USB 3.0 cable
  • 4 x Anton Bauer Dionic  HC 91Wh 14.4V Battery
  • Anton Bauer TM4 Quad Charger (fast charging) w/ AC Cable

19mm Configuration also includes:

  • Arri Sliding Base Plate
  • Camera Dovetail Plate
  • Set of 19mm Rods

15mm Configuration also includes:

  • Arri Amira Quick Release Plate (QRP-1)
  • Arri Amira Wedge Plate Adapter w/ Shoulder Pad (WPA-1)
  • Set of 15mm Rods

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