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Arri SR 3 Advanced High Speed

Categories: 16mm Film Cameras

The well-known and reliable Arriflex 16SR3 Advanced camera, in a high speed version. Its crystal controlled frame rates now range from 5 – 150 fps and the manually adjustable shutter can be tweaked from 45-180°.

Our Kit

  • Arri SR 3 SUPER 16mm Advanced High Speed camera
  • Super 16mm Ground Glass
  • SR3 CEI Color V Flicker Free CCD Video Assist
  • CEI Video Assist 3 pin Fischer Power Cable
  • Arri SR2/3 FE-2 Extension Viewfinder w/2X Magnifier
  • Arri SR2/3 400’ Time Code Magazine HS (4x)
  • Arriflex Sliding Base Plate
  • Camera Dovetail plate
  • Arriflex LWS-2 Mini Rods for
  • Arriflex On-board battery elbow
  • SR2/3 24V On-board Battery
  • Arri SR2/3 24V Battery Charger
  • Arri Right Hand Grip
  • 24 Volt Power Cable