Arriflex BL-4 Camera Package

Categories: Film Cameras

The Arriflex BL-4 35mm film camera, introduced in 1986, features a bigger & brighter viewfinder than its predecessor, the BL III. The BL-4 introduced Arriglow, which illuminates the markings on dedicated ground glasses helpful when framing dark scenes. The camera has dual registration pins and can run up to 40fps. When well maintained and properly lubricated, the nominal sound level is 22dBA. This camera has been maintained by professional technicians and meets manufacturer registration specs.

Package Includes

  • 1 x Arriflex BL-4 Camera Body w/variable shutter, PL mount (S35 capable) & PL mount (S35 capable)
  • 3 x 35mm ground glass (multiple choice)
  • 1 x Hirshman clip tool to switch ground glass
  • 1 x Arriflex BL-4 Optical Viewfinder with BL IV Large Eyepiece
  • 1 x Arri BL IV Extension Viewfinder w/Eyepiece Leveler
  • 1 x NTSC analog color video assist (Sony CCD XC999) with 2 power cables
  • 1 NTSC monitor with power cable and 2 BNC cables
  • 1X Arri Sliding Bridgeplate w/15mm rods (choice of length)
  • 1 x Camera sliding base plate (dovetail)
  • 2 x Power cables 8′ XLR 4/XLR 4 pins
  • 4 x 400′ Arri BL 3/4 magazines, each with magazine protector
  • 1 Camera leather barney for camera body and 400′ Magazine
  • 2 Victory Battery Blocks /Battery Belts 12/24v (need new cells)*
  • 1 x Camera Body Flight Case
  • 2 x 2 BL Magazine cases
  • 1 x flight case for 2 Victory Batteries

Camera is sold as is with a two week money back guaranty. Buyer pays all shipping charge for delivery and return. We recommend the buyer performs full camera tests with a professional assistant camera-person before finalizing purchase. Asking price $5,000

* The batteries can be re-celled for an additional fee; we will provide costs for re-celling batteries upon request.