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Avenger 4-Stage Long John Silver

Categories: Cranks

Avenger Long John Silver Stand is a heavy-duty stand used primarily for cine applications capable of supporting maximum payloads up to 120 kg up to a height of 5.7 m. The winch driven hoisting system allows for easy lift and lowering of whatever you have placed on top of the LJS. The product includes foam filled braked wheels, 3 built-in leveling legs and swift-lift gas pistons providing the ultimate ease of set-up and take down. The stand is made of steel and aluminum and features 5 sections, 4 risers and can perform perfectly on set, in studio or in any location!

  • Weight: 187.39 lbs
  • Maximum Height: 224.41 in
  • Min Height: 69.68 in
  • Payload: 264.55 lbs