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Briese Focus 140 4K HMI Kit

The Focus 140 provides a detailed and crisp light that can sift out details, animate surfaces or accentuate wrinkles in weathered faces. Good for atmospheric close ups but also good for shots from medium distances. The Focus 140 provides a great range of lighting between “Spot” and “Flood”: hard, soft and everything that’s in between. Good for portraits but also for group shots and whenever space is of no relevance. His Inventor H.W. Briese, says of this reflector: “If you have it, you’ll never lose.”

The Focus 140 is often described as an all-around reflector. With a manageable size of 140cm and it’s vast range of lighting, it represents genuine flexibility.

The patented Briese Focus system features a light source situated on a movable axis in the center of the reflector. The lamp head, focusing tube (spacer) and light source form a straight line. By focusing the unit, the beam angle and the spread of light can be changed sequentially.

When the lamp head is extended (spot position), there is a narrower beam angle with a highly intense, strongly defined illumination. If the lamp head is retracted (flood position), there is a wider beam angle which creates diffuse, very evenly spread illumination. There is an infinite range of adjustability between these two positions, whereby the luminance remains consistent, achieving a light efficiency far beyond that reached by conventional lighting engineering.

Our rental kit includes:

  • Briese Focus 140 Reflector Umbrella
  • Briese Focus Stand Mount with Comfort Lever
  • Briese Focus Set-Up Helper Plunger
  • Briese Set Up Ring
  • Briese Break Down Ring
  • Briese Focus 140 Diffusion #3
  • Briese Focus 140 Diffusion St.
  • Briese Focus 140 Travel Box
  • Briese T4 Daylight HMI Lamp Head 4K
  • Briese Focus 140 HMI Spacer 4K
  • Briese Pyrex Shell HMI 4K
  • 2 x 4000W HMI Special Bulb
  • Briese 4K Counterlight Reflector
  • Briese 300 Hz Electronic Ballast (1000 Hz High Speed Ballast available upon request)
  • Briese Compact Roller Case