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Chimera OctaPlus 57 Hi Heat

Categories: Chimera Lightbanks

Chimera’s unique OctaPlus Lightbank design delivers big, bold, beautiful light. Everyone loves using Chimera’s OctaPlus Lightbanks—especially the patented OctaPlus 57! It’s an amazing 7 ft. octagonally-shaped Lightbank that converts to a 5 ft. version. It’s like getting two Lightbanks in one!

This Chimera OctaPlus 57 Hi-Heat Kit  includes the OctaPlus 57 Hi-Heat expandable (from 5′ to 7′) light bank, constructed with heat-resistant material, making it possible to use a 3200W hot light, as opposed to a 1200W light in the standard OctaPlus.

This light bank requires an OctaPlus speed ring to adapt it to your particular strobe or hot light: Triolet Kit, OctaPlus Speedring for Joker Bug or Multi Bug Adapter for Multiple Joker Units.
Hi-Heat OctaPlus can safely hold up to a 3200W fixture, as compared to a 1200W fixture for the standard OctaPlus.
Soft silver interior with an innovative graduated baffle for very even light spread.
Fall off from the center of the 7′ front screen (for example) to the edge has been measured at only a 0.2 F-stop.

Technical Specs:

Diameter: 84″
Depth: 27″
Maximum Rating: 3,200W

Our rental kit includes:

  • OctaPlus 57 Hi Heat Chimera
  • 8 x Rods
  • Baffle (5′)
  • Front Screen (7′)
  • Chimera Bag