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Chimera Triolet Kit

Categories: Speed Rings

The Chimera Triolet accepts both the popular 2-pin lamps up to 650 Watts (with its protective glass dome), as well as Mogul and medium base household bulbs up to 1000 Watts (with adapters).
This Triolet model comes with an Octaplus Speed Ring, which enables you to quickly mount and dismount your octagonal, rectangular, or strip-shaped heat-resistant softbox.
This is a fixture designed for use with 120 Volts AC current. It has a USA grounded plug and in-line switch. It has an Octaplus Speed Ring Adapter for use with any shape heat-resistant softbox.

  • Broad, Omni-Directional Light: Compatible with Light Banks, Lanterns, or without a modifier for a bare-bulb light effect.
  • Versatile: May be used with a Chimera Octabank, Lantern, or VideoPro series softbox.
  • Stand Adapter: Comes equipped with the Chimera Single Axis Stand Adapter which allows tilt and swivel of the fixture.

Our rental kit includes:

  • Triolet Mogul Fixture
  • Triolet Protective Glass Dome
  • Triolet OctaPlus Speedring
  • Triolet Single Axis Stand Adapter
  • Medium Base Adapter
  • Triolet 2 Pin Mogul Base Adapter
  • 2 x 1000W Mogul Base Lamp (available upon request)
  • 2 x 500w Mogul Base Lamp (available upon request)