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CQN Gas Riser Bazooka Kit

The CQN Gas Riser Bazooka Kit includes 3 risers of different sizes (2 telescoping, 1 non-telescoping), which can be mounted interchangeably upon a rolling aluminum base. We provide 2 different types of wheels: pivoting Castor wheels, and pneumatic wheels which can be used on dolly track. The kit also comes with 3 aluminum legs upon which the base can be placed in a fixed position, and an Elmac-to-Mitchell 3-way leveling head.

Our Kit Includes:

  • Aluminum Base with Dock
  • Tall Telescoping Gas Riser
  • Small Telescoping Gas Riser
  • Micro Riser
  • Elmac Female to Female Adapter
  • Elmac Male to Male Adapter
  • 3x Pivoting Castor Wheels
  • 3x Pneumatic Combi Wheels
  • 3x 50mm Aluminum Legs
  • Elmac to Mitchell 3-way Leveling Head
  • 8mm Allen Key