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Dedo 3-Light 150w Master Kit

Categories: Tungsten

Our kit includes:

  • Dedolight 150w Light Head (3x)
  • Dedolight Dimmable Electronic Power Supply 24V (3x)
  • Dedolight Barndoors (3x)
  • Dedolight Stand (3x)
  • Dedolight XLR Extension Cable
  • Dedolight Projection Attachment w/ Iris
  • Dedolight Flexible Stand Extension
  • Dedolight Wallholders (2x)
  • Dedolight C-Clamp w/ Adjustable 750 Baby Pin
  • Dedolight Filter Holders (3x)
  • Dedolight Light Shield Rings (3x)
  • Dedolight Beads (3x)
  • Dedolight Framing Shutter Blades Set of 4
  • Dedolight Dichroic Daylight Conversion Filter
  • Dedolight Gobo Holder
  • Dedolight Warm Tone Gel Filter Set of 20
  • Dedolight Mixed Blue Gel Filter Set of 20
  • Dedolight Mixed Diffusion Gel Filter Set of 20
  • 150w Spare Bulb
  • Hard Travel Case