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Dedolight Wide-Angle Aspheric Lens with Rotating Barn Doors

Categories: What's New Accessories

Take your focusing range and exit angle off the charts by dropping this aspheric wide-angle lens in front of your Classic DLH4, DLHM4-300, DLH200, DLED4 and the latest DLED7 light heads.

Traditionally, small fresnel studio lights offer a focus range of roughly 1:3. Some larger studio fixtures can reach ratios of 1:6. Dedolights deliver an insane native focusing range of 1:25. This ratio refers to the change in light intensity when focusing from flood to spot. At the same time, the beam angle varies infinitely between 50° and 4.5°.  Drop-in fixed lens systems have little flexibility, are time consuming and under-perform Dedolights optics in all aspects. Add the DLWAR wide-angle lens attachment, and the focusing range of your dedolight becomes an astonishing 1:55 ratio.  The beam angle of exit is now continuous from 90° to 50°.  The native light along with the DLWAR wide angle adapter delivers an adjustable angle of exit from 90° to 4.5°. Camera zooms of course offer similar ranges, but nobody has ever built anything like it for a lighting instrument. 

In addition, the attached barn-door with rotating leaves gives the ability to cut trapezoidal shapes that cannot be obtained otherwise. For example, light from any angle and project a square beam by cutting a trapezoid with the doors (see images). 

Of course, this optical accessory is not required to use dedolights, but it’s an amazing tool that saves time and allows for more creative work.