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Fujinon Cabrio

Categories: 35mm Zoom Lenses

The Cabrio lens set are stamdard zoom lenses with a frequuently-used focal lengths. Thanks to the detachable servo drive unit on the ZK series, the lenses can be operated in the same manner as a traditional broadcast ENG-Style lens and accessories. Furthermore, with the servo drive unit removed, traditional cinema manual, or external cine motors for zooming and focusing operation is also available for all models of this series.

With the latest optical simulation technology and high precision large diameter aspherical elements, it has achieved both high optical performance and a lightweight compact body of 2.85kg. Thanks to high resolution from the center to corner, high image quality without image distortion will be exhibited on the large screens of movie theaters.

Focal LengthSpeedWeight (lbs.)Close FocusLengthFront Diameter
Cabrio 14-35mmT2.9-226.42′9.1″114mm
Cabrio 19-90mmT2.9-1662’10”8.9″114mm
Cabrio 85-300mmT2.9-226.64′9.8″114mm
20-120mm PremierT3.5-225.32.8′3.9″114mm