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Hawk V-Lite 2X

As of 2021 the Hawk V‑Lite lenses are still considered modern anamorphic’s though they only cover S35 film frames and sensors. Whilst considered small for ‘scope lenses they don’t sacrifice image quality and are endowed with solid German designed mechanics. 

They were introduced in the mid 2000’s with the goal of being lightweight, consistent T stop* and no shift in T stop while focusing. They deliver excellent definition and contrast across the eight focal lenses. They have well spaced distance markings which focus pullers like given the shallower depth of field in 2X anamorphic.

Despite efforts to minimize distortion, straight lines still bend significantly outward (barrel distortion) when using wider focal lenses. They are fairly sharp anamorphic lenses with very good contrast and milky rainbow flares. They exhibit the clear trademarks of traditional anamorphic lenses, oval bokeh on highlights, compression in the background, vivid colors and deep blacks.

  • Only the 110 & 140mm have a slightly slower maximum aperture. The 180mm below is a V-series.
Focal LengthSpeedWeight (lbs.)Close FocusLengthFront Diameter