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KinoFlo Vistabeam 600 DMX Kit

Categories: KinoFlo Systems

Kino Flo’s VistaBeam 600 changes the way our industry lights film and television studios. A VistaBeam 600, for example, delivers the equivalent of a 4,000 Watt Softlight, but uses only 9.1 Amps (120VAC) of power. Kino Flo designed the VistaBeam series to be a lightweight alternative to conventional studio softlights such as “chicken coops” and “space lights”. VistaBeams also do a better job of illuminating interior and exterior sets with daylight quality light than HMI’s punching through fabric diffusion boxes. Fitted with narrow spectrum blue or green visual effects lamps, VistaBeams are ideal for composite screen lighting applications.

Fixture Specs:

Dimensions: 37.5 x 36 x 8.5″
Weight w/ Lamps: 46.6lbs
Lamp Type: 96W CFL

Ballast Specs:

Input Voltage: 120VAC
Output Frequency: 25kHz
Amperage: 9.1A

Case Specs: 41.5 x 15.5 x 44″ @ 140lbs (on wheels)

Our rental kit includes:

  • KinoFlo Vistabeam 600 DMX (built in ballast) Fixture with Reflector
  • KinoFlo Vistabeam 600 Gel Frame
  • KinoFlo Vistabeam 600 90° Honeycomb Louver
  • KinoFlo Vistabeam 600 Jr. Pin Stand Adapter
  • 8 x KinoFlo Compact 96w Daylight Twin Lamps (5500°K)
  • 8 x KinoFlo Compact 96w Tungsten Twin Lamps (3200°K)
  • KInoFlo Vistabeam 600 Ship Case