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Leica Summilux-C

Categories: 35mm Prime Lenses

The Leica Summilux-C’s now renamed Leitz Summilux-C’s were introduced in 2011 by Sonderoptics. At T1.4 and averaging only 1.7 kg per lens, these lenses are the smallest set of fast aperture, purpose-built S35 prime lenses available for cinematography. Even though they are small with a 95mm front diameter, their patented redesigned focus mechanism eschews the logarithmic focusing of the past by expanding the focusing scale in the critical close focus range. Their small sizes make them a suitable choice for lightweight build such as Steadicam or gimbal.

Their look is modern with high resolution, sharp with an even illumination across the field. These qualities make them a popular choice for blockbuster films with lots of VFX work, even though they don’t have metadata recording capability.

The Summilux-C’s use multiple aspherical elements in their design resulting in a telecentric light path where more light rays are redirected toward the sensor or film frame. This results in an evenly illuminated picture and higher resolution. Telecentricity and aspheric correction reduce chromatic aberrations and color fringing.

Summilux-C’s have been used on many commercials and feature films. Check for more details here

Leica Macrolux Diopters available upon request. See more info here

Focal Length T Stop Weight
lb, kg
Focus Range
ft, m
in, mm
Front Diameter Image Circle
16mm T1.4-22 3lb 8oz 1.7 1’4″~♾️ .45~♾️ 5.6″ 142 95mm 33mm
18mm T1.4-22 3lb 6oz 1.6 1’6″~♾️ .45~♾️ 5.6″ 142 95mm 33mm
21mm T1.4-22 3lb 6oz 1.6 1’3″~♾️ .38~♾️ 5.6″ 142 95mm 33mm
25mm T1.4-22 4lb 1.8 1’3″~♾️ .38~♾️ 5.6″ 142 95mm 33mm
29mm T1.4-22 3lb 7oz 1.7 1’6″~♾️ .45~♾️ 5.6″ 142 95mm 33mm
35mm T1.4-22 3lb 6oz 1.6 1’6″~♾️ .45~♾️ 5.6″ 142 95mm 33mm
40mm T1.4-22 3lb 6oz 1.6 1’6″~♾️ .45~♾️ 5.6″ 142 95mm 33mm
50mm T1.4-22 3lb 9oz 1.8 2’~♾️ .6~♾️ 5.6″ 142 95mm 33mm
65mm T1.4-22 3lb 7oz 1.7 1’6″~♾️ .45~♾️ 5.6″ 142 95mm 33mm
75mm T1.4-22 3lb 5oz 1.6 2’6″~♾️ .79~♾️ 5.6″ 142 95mm 33mm
100mm T1.4-22 3lb 5oz 1.6 3’3″~♾️ .99~♾️ 5.6″ 142 95mm 33mm
135mm T1.4-16 7lb 4oz 3.4 4’1″~♾️ 1.25~♾️ 5.6″ 142 95mm 33mm