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LightTools ez[POP] Special Focus 4’x4′ 30°/50° Egg Crate

Categories: What's New Accessories

Lighttools ez[POP] Egg Crates combine all the light control benefits of Soft Egg Crates with a built-in tensioning frame for an even quicker set-up.  The ez[POP] Soft Egg Crate remains taut and in perfect formation regardless of its size or how your softbox is angled. The 30°/50° Soft Egg Crate models offer two variations in a single Lighttools Soft Egg Crate. You can vary the amount of soft light spread in four directions by rotating these models.

ez[POP] Soft Egg Crate Benefits:

-One piece

-Built-in tensioning

-Quick installation

-Lightweight and compact