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Manfrotto Mega Boom

Categories: Hardware

The Manfrotto 425B Mega Boom is the largest boom in the Manfrotto line. Movements — including pan, tilt and rotation, as well as the telescopic extension of the boom arm — are controlled by smooth-operating geared crank handles. This two section Mega Boom has a 12′ (3.6 m) maximum extension. It has dual receptors — Junior (1-1/8″) and Baby (5/8″).
A geared tilt system allows precise settings of +30 to -40°.

  • Minimum extension: 19.7″ (48.25cm)
  • Maximum extension: 12′ (3.7 m) from stand mount
  • Closed: 7.1′ (2.2 m)
  • Tube Diameters: 2.2″ (55.45mm)
  • Weight: 33 lbs (15.3kg)
  • Maximum Load Maximum extension: 13 lbs (5.9kg)

Attachment Size:
5/8″ locking socket with 5/8″ double threaded stud
1-1/8″ locking female receptor