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Masterbuilt Soft Flare Prime

Categories: Full Frame Primes

The Masterbuilt Soft Flare Prime set offers softer-edged and smoother-contrast flares than the MasterBuilt Classic series. Designed to work alone or as companions to the Classics, this set of Soft Flare primes provides a vintage look in modern housings for large-format digital cine or film cameras. Each prime lens covers a range of formats from Super35 up to IMAX 65, including ARRI ALEXA 65 Open Gate, RED MONSTRO 8K VV, and Panavision systems.

The Soft Flare series primes create sharp images with smooth focus falloff, have a wide T1.4 to T22 aperture range, and share a common 114mm front diameter for quicker, easier lens changes when working with a matte box or other lens accessories. Each lens in the series incorporates aspherical elements for aberration control using fewer lens elements. The solidly built Soft Flare Primes offers focus marks in feet, 300° of focus barrel rotation, and smooth focusing with zero breathing and backlash.

Focal LengthSpeedWeight (lbs.)Close FocusLengthFront Diameter