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Matthews VeeBoxx Kit (for Astera Titan Tubes)

Categories: What's New Accessories

The Matthews VeeBoxx kit is a new, portable soft box enclosure that works with The Claw to quickly transform the Astera 40″ Titan tube into a diffused lighting source. The Claw & VeeBoxx form a safe, practical, solution to bring delicate tubes into the hefty world of grips and gaffers.


  • Strategically placed internal external hook and loop fasteners secure the panel to the body and allow for control grid attachment
  • Reflective silver interior maximizes light output
  • Black Ripstop body prevents light loss
  • Rear zipper opening runs length of body, allows for offset mounting and access to tube controls
  • Body folds up accordion-style for easy transport

Our Kit Includes:

  • Matthews VeeBoxx Soft Box Enclosure
  • Voodoo Cloth Diffusion
  • Light Grid Diffusion
  • Quarter Grid Diffusion
  • 50° Egg Crate
  • The Claw Fixture Holder
  • Carrying Bag