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Mini Mombo Combo Stand

Categories: Grip Stands

**Mombo Combo Wheel Set separate**

The Matthews Mini Mombo Overhead Light Stand is (surprise!) a lighter, slightly shorter version of the Matthews Mombo light stand–if you want a stand that will support more than 80 lbs and reaches to over 17′, this is the one. The “Rocky Mountain leg” offsets in uneven terrain to provide sturdy support under less-than-ideal circumstances. It’s perfect for large flags and butterflies, or heavy lighting fixtures.

Closed Length: 66.5″ (169cm)
Loading Height: 64″ (162cm)
Maximum Height: 17’4″ (529cm)
Weight Capacity: 88lbs (40kg)
Weight: 34lbs (15.5kg)
Footprint: 75″ (110cm)
Folded Base: 6″ (152mm)