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Super Baltar I TLS

Categories: Vintage Primes

Super Baltar’s were originally produced by Baush and Lomb in Rochester NY during the 50’s and 60’s to be compatible with 35mm Mitchell BNCR cameras. Their construction is fairly compact and standardized with a T2.3 aperture except for the 152mm with a maximum aperture of T3. A TLS rehouse makes our lenses easier to work with for the assistant. A standardized 110mm front diameter, large focus rings with extended focus markings, consistent placement of focus and iris gear throughout the range with exception of the longer body of the 152mm.

Super Baltars lenses are warm and have a classic and distinct retro look, low contrast, sharp in center with gradual falloff toward the edges. These qualities have been used to get a vintage desaturated look on period films. When shot wide-open they have a soft blooming halation effect on the highlights akin to using a Pro-Mist filter. When closing iris down to about T5.6 these lenses sharpen up and aberrations disappear.

These classic Hollywood cinema lenses were used to shoot film classics, such as The Godfather and The Birds.  

Focal LengthSpeedWeight (lbs.)Close FocusLengthFront Diameter