Lambda 10/Smart Head

As the entry-level member of the CARTONI Nodal Heads, the Lambda 10 (formally known as the Smart Head) replicates all the features of the classic LAMBDA for a perfect Camera setting at any angle.

Two patented Fluid 3 steps modules smoothly assist all Pan and Tilt movements.

The Lambda 10 can be mounted on any 100mm bowl Tripod or base and is ideal for underslung use on Jib arms, Cranes, as well as for table top work or medical documentaries.

Ideally suited for use with a jib arm, the Cartoni Labmda 10 allows the operator to work freely under the jib arm from absolute ground level up to as high as one can reach without any obstruction from the arm itself. Underslung heads have been around for years, and have offered the preferred way of working when using a jib arm. And of course, the head works equally well as a tripod head.

6 kg/13 lbs

3 steps + 0

-40°/+60° Celsius


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