Hudson Spider Mozzie Deluxe Kit (22.5")

The key to recreating the umbrella bounced light look with LEDs is to have them positioned closely together, spread evenly along the length of a parabolic-shaped armature, and focused outwards, not bounced, combining to create one attractive, continuous soft source. This phenomenon makes direct LED a viable alternative to bounced HMI or Tungsten.



Technical Specs:


Total LEDs: 1,224
Lumens: 5130
Exposure:  24fps 1/48sec  800asa @ 100% 2’ /61cm – f22.7   |    4’ / 122cm – f11.4   |   16’  /  488cm – f4.0.3
Color range: 2600 K to 6000 K
Dimming range: 0 – 100%
Color rating: 98++ CRI


Head size open-parabolic: 22.5”/57.15cm ø hex  x  7.5”/19.05cm parabola
Head size open – flat: 29”/73.66cm ø hex  x  1”/2.5cm
Configurations Parabolic, flat, and folded
Head size closed: 8”/20.32cm  x  6” /15.24 CM ø octa
Head weight: 3lbs 4oz  /  1.47kgs
Materials 7071+6065 Aluminum, stainless steel, and silicone plastics


Output voltage: 24 VDC Constant voltage
Input voltage: 90 – 305 V AC, 50/60hz Neutrik TRUE1 powerCon
Power: 400 W
Power connectors: 7 PIN   Bayonet locking system   PWM (PL7 connector)   IP 68
Ballast: Protection Over current/voltage/temperature or short circuit.
Ballast: IP rating IP20
Ballast size: 14”/35cm L  x  5”/12.7cm H   x   7”/17.8cm W
Ballast weight: 11lbs 11oz / 5.3kg
Head feeder: length 14’ / 3.65m, 24’ / 7.3m


DMX connector: Input/output 5-pin XLR connector
Service connector: USB Type A – service center upgradeable
Data protocol: DMX 512A
Wireless Built-in LumenRadio


Mounting point: 3/8” Thread front and back
Baby pin 3/8” Thread, 5/8” ø    x    3.5”/8.9cm
Mounting method: Install the baby pin to the front or back of the light and attach it to a 5/8” grip or any c-stand grip head


Diffusions: 36” / 91.4cm  ø octagon  x   2 varied fabric diffusions w/ hook edging for easy install
Utility backing cover Poly and nylon fabrics stitched, reinforced, and laminated, ready to accept accessories


Case type: Injection molded waterproof case and foam cut interior
Case size: 12.5” x 21” x 24” / 31.75cm x 53cm x 70cm
Case weight packed: 49lbs / 22.2 kgs


Kit Info:

  • Hudson Spider Mozzie 22.5″ LED Fixture

  • 200w Ballast & Dimmer

  • AC/DC Switching adaptor

  • IEC Power Cable C-13

  • Mozzie Fitted Cover

  • 4ft Soft Silver Bounce

  • 7ft White Bounce

  • LiteGear PL7 Extension Cable 24′

  • Gold Mount Battery Plate Piggy Back for AC Adapter

  • 180º Teaser

  • 50º Hex Grid

  • Mozzie Quarter Diffusion

  • Mozzie Butter Diffusion

  • Trigger Controller

  •  Clamping Aluminum Umbrella Mount

  • 750 / Baby Pin with 3/8″ Threaded Screw (Male)

  • Mozzie Hard Transport Case


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