Litepanels Croma 2 Bi-Color Kit

The Croma 2 Variable-Color On-Camera LED Light from Litepanels features surface-mount LED technology, which delivers sharp color rendition. Powerful yet compact, the Croma 2 LED panel embeds lenses that have been designed to achieve improved optical efficiency. Color temperature can be varied from 3300 to 5600K, allowing the Croma 2 LED panel to match the existing ambient lighting.



Technical Specs:

CRI Daylight: 90
Color Temperature: Bi-Color
Comparative Output: 810 lux Daylight, 700 lux Tungsten
Beam Angle: 50°
Optics: Flood – Precision custom TIR lens
Max. Power Draw: 14W
Power Supply: AC Adapter (12V DC)
Mounting Method: Tripod / hotshoe / female 1/4″
Height: 170 mm
Width: 108 mm
Depth: 44 mm
Weight: 19.58 oz/ 300 g


Kit Info: 

  • Litepanels Croma 2 Bi-Color On-Camera LED Light 

  • Litepanels Croma 2 Diffusion Gel

  • Litepanels Croma 2 Hotshoe Mount

  • Litepanels Croma 2 AC Adapter 

  • Litepanels Croma 2 Sony L-Series Battery Plate

  • Litepanels Croma 2 P-Tap Cable

  • Litepanels Croma 2 Case


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