Rosco LitePad Digital Shooters Kit

The Digital Shooters Kit AX was developed for any image capture professional that needs a total lighting package that’s mobile and easy to set up. The kit contains six LitePads, including three 12″x12″ Axiom 90 units and all of the light stands and other light-control and power accessories needed to create a full three point lighting setup. Contained in a compact, durable, roller-case – the Digital Shooters Kit makes lighting small locations a breeze. No more large, heavy conventional lighting kits – the Digital Shooters Kit AX is the only lighting kit you’ll ever need.



Technical Specs:

CRI: 93
Color Temperature: 5300K
AC Input Power: 100 to 240 VAC
DC Input Power: 12 VDC
Power Consumptions: 3.25W max. (3″ Circle HO+), 6W max. (3×6″), 9.75W max. (3×12″), 16W max. (12×12″)
Operating Temperature: -22 to 185°F / -30 to 85°C

Kit Info:

  • Rosco Lite Pad Digital Shooters Kit Carrying Case

  • Rosco LitePad 3″ Circle HO+ Daylight

  • Rosco LitePad Axiom 3×6 Daylight

  • Rosco LitePad Axiom 3×12 Daylight

  • 3x Rosco LitePad Axiom 12×12 Daylight

  • 3x Rosco LitePad AC 3A Power Adapter

  • Rosco LitePad AC 1A Power Adaptor

  • Rosco LitePad DC Car Adapter (Cigarette Adapter)

  • 2x Rosco LitePad “Y” Splitter

  • Rosco LitePad 4-Way Splitter Cable

  • 3x Rosco LitePad Extension Cable (10′)

  • Rosco LitePad “AA” Battery Holder

  • Rosco LitePad 4-Pin XLR to Litepad Adapter

  • 2x Rosco LitePad Anton Bauer Adapter (P-Tap)

  • 2x Rosco LitePad Dimmer

  • Rosco LitePad 3×6 Egg Crate

  • Rosco LitePad 3×12 Egg Crate

  • 3x Rosco LitePad 12×12 Egg Crate

  • Rosco LitePad 3″ Circle Mounting Bracket

  • 5x Rosco LitePad Axiom Mounting Bracket

  • 5x 750 / Baby Pin to 1/4″-20 Threaded Receiver (Female)

  • 3x Aluminum Lightweight Stand

  • 3x Rosco LitePad Swivel Arm

  • Rosco Litepad 8pc Color Filter Pack 3×6

  • Rosco Litepad 8pc Color Filter Pack 3×12

  • Rosco Litepad 8pc Color Filter Pack 12×12

  • Rosco LitePad 3″ Gel Assortment

  • 3x IEC Power Cable


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