Preston FIZ 3

Run/Stop control via the included MDR unit
OLED display
Hand unit weight: approx. 2.5 lbs
Digital Microforce weight: approx. 0.69 lbs
Operating temperature: 0°F to 122°F

Preston Light Ranger 2
Digital Microforce 2 and Digital Microforce 3
DM1X, DM2X, and DM5 motors

Preston Wireless FIZ 3
Preston Wireless FIZ Motor Driver MDR3 or 4
Preston MDR3 V-Lock Accessory Mount
Preston Wireless FIZ 3 Digital Micro Force 2
Preston FIZ Microforce Bracket
(3) Preston Wireless DM Motor
(3) Jerry Hill Universal Pam Bracket for 19mm Rods w/ Bushing
Preston FIZ Pre-marked Disc Set of 5
(2) Additional Follow Focus Marking Disc
Preston Wireless FIZ 3 Hand Unit Grip
Preston Wireless FIZ 3 Hand Unit Plated Cover
Digital Wireless Micro Force to FIZ Cable
(3) Preston Wireless FIZ Motor Cable
(2) Preston FIZ MDR-3 P-Tap Power Cable
Preston FIZ MDR-3 Run/Stop Cable
(3) Sony InfoLithium M Series Battery
Charger for Sony Lithium-ion Batteries


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