Truck Rates, Insurance, Permits

For convenience and specialization. We offer our trucks as a value-added service to our equipment rental clients. Trucks are rented as part of the overall rental package, streamlining your production process. Additionally, our trucks are customized for transporting our equipment safely and efficiently.

The rental rate for all our trucks is $200/day or $1000/week. Included in the rate is 100 miles per billed day. Additional mileage is billed at $1/mile. Trucks are rented with a full tank of gas and must be returned with a full tank.

If the truck is not returned with a full tank, a $30 service fee is applied in addition to the cost of gas. NY sales tax may as well be applicable.

You are required to provide your own production automobile insurance. Ask your insurance company about adding non-owned automobile insurance as part of your policy. In most cases, your personal automobile insurance policy will not cover the rental of a commercial vehicle.

Permits can be obtained from the Mayor’s office for Film, Theatre, and Broadcast.

1697 Broadway @ 53rd St. 6th Floor. (212) 489-6710.

The form is also available online at

You will need our truck’s license plate numbers in order to obtain a permit.

The 24′ Mitsubishi is New York 20351MB (Commercial)

The 22′ Mitsubishi is New York  85314MA (Commercial)

The 20′ Mitsubishi is New York 10127JV (Commercial).

The 18′ Isuzu is New York 20351MB (Commercial).